Welcome to Fourthguides

The number four has an uncanny habit of presenting itself whenever we try to make sense of our world. There are four seasons in a year, four directions on a compass – and even four bases to the DNA that defines our nature. We measure the passage of time in terms of fours, our navigation of space relies on fours, we conceptualise our existence using fours – and so it seems an appropriate vehicle to guide us towards a brighter future.

To realise such a future we desperately need to cultivate systems that are not only sustainable but regenerative – to heal the wounds that we have inflicted upon the natural world – and each other. The success of these systems will depend on the personal sovereignty of the individuals contributing to them – and their ability to co-operate together effectively.


What does this mean?

Personal Sovereignty

Personal Sovereignty concerns the effective management of one's inner and outer resources. It requires an individual to take full responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, rather than deferring to the opinions of others or blaming them for our woes. It can only be achieved when we bring balance to our binary mental capacities – our rational/logical and creative/intuitive functions must operate as one.

Effective Co-operation

Co-operative Communities are groups of sovereign individuals who choose to work together because they recognise that it's in the best interests of the collective to do so. They don't co-operate simply out of habit, and they don't assume that the groups they identify with have sole ownership of some absolute truth – both because this is impossible and because it inevitably generates friction between social groups – contributing to polarisation within society.


Where does this take us?

Ultimately, a cooperative, sovereign individual will assume the position of an 'Elder' within society. Elders are citizens who have gathered sufficient wisdom to guide their younger counterparts – demonstrating how to move forward in a healthy, balanced fashion. These guardians of the past and custodians of the future mediate conflict so that people learn to get along better, and steward resources so that our communities can continue to evolve and grow.

This process inevitably takes time – but the painful reality is that we have none left to spare. We are facing a host of inter-related cultural and environmental catastrophes that require our immediate attention if we are to preserve the better parts of our way of life. It is therefore up to us to recognise our responsibilities to one another, set aside our petty quarrels and put in the hard graft necessary to grow beyond the limitations of ego – so that we may fashion a society that can support life well into the future.

Roles of the Elder

Holding Culture
Stewarding Resources
Mediating Conflict

The future needs you

Diversity lies at the heart of this call to action. We aren't talking about the kind of 'diversity' expressed by corporate box ticking and group-think ridden collectives. Instead, we celebrate the understanding that we are every bit as different as we are alike – and encourage you to embrace your uniqueness to the fullest.

There is not one solution to the issues our world faces, but billions – we all have a unique purpose to fulfill within the greater eco-system of humankind. If we fail to perform our role successfully, the whole operation is compromised – like an organism missing a key enzyme.


Species of plant and animal lost per year

25b tons

Fertile land lost every year


People displaced by conflict in 2018


People per year who die due to lack of access to affordable healthcare


It's crunch time

So, will you step up to the plate in order to meet this awesome challenge? Will you become the person you were born to be? Or will you hide away – chasing fantasies, feeding addictions and opting out?

The former path is certainly the tougher of the two – but you don't have to go it alone. Here at Fourthguides you will be provided with all of the support and inspiration needed to navigate your journey – so that you may claim a space within society that is uniquely yours.

As a group we have a tremendous breadth of experience covering an ever-expanding terrain of knowledge. It is our hope that you will gain much from the regular events and on-going discussions we host, and we look forward to adding your uniquely valuable voice to our own as we work toward becoming the elders our society sorely need.

We provide one-to-one guidance in life and business and meet several times per year in person to support your in making the personal and professional shifts needed to contribute toward the creation of the Regenerative Society.