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Western culture tends to make things complicated, to the point where it becomes very difficult to find ones path through life. We live in a society that is very confused about how to live a good life.

This is something David has grappled with since his teens and having found a path through, now guides others, keeping to the simple rules laid out by our ancient philosophers, millennia ago.

The name Fourthguides itself comes from an appreciation that life is made up of Fours. Four seasons, four directions, four bases in our DNA that make us, us.

We are made of fours, we think in terms of fours, we construct our world in terms of Fours. There's a deep and important reason for that.

Fourthguides is here to help people understand their own "fourness" and guide them forward in their lives.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Recognising that we live in an increasingly disenchanted and demotivated society, our focus is to support the cultivation of a sense of Purpose, through providing a combination of coaching and mentoring that encourages you to contemplate your life deeply and take purposeful action in the world.

Networking Opportunities

Sometimes it's supportive to feel like you're a part of something - a community that is committed to similar goals and who can help us to achieve our personal aims.We provide a network for such purpose-driven folks. Come get involved.

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We have a loyal group of customers who just love shouting from the rooftops about how we've helped them achieve new levels of success with their businesses.

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The human behind the work

Founder, Coach & Mentor

Helping you find Purpose and put it into Action.

Hi, I’m David! I probably wasn’t much different from you growing up. I was a fairly ordinary British kid. School was never fun for me, but I got my head down, achieved a degree in computing and later a masters in business without many ideas of what to do with them.

Things changed in 2007. Catalysed by a few chance meetings and jolting experiences, I started to question what I was doing with my life and why I was doing what I was. The following several years were difficult – full of confusion and social anxiety. But thankfully this forced me to start making some serious life changes. I shifted my focus to pursue Purpose, founded the Sustainable Housing project and The Local Veg Box C.I.C, bringing my organisational background into service of a greater good.

Following several years of having life’s harder lessons thrown at me, with my own shadows foremost among their causes, I became greatly humbled. I have learned deep acceptance for the pain of others, in reflection of my own suffering. I became aware of the beauty in all things and the power our perception has over our ability to manifest our greatness. This is an on-going (and never ending) journey, but I am well along the path by now, and having accessed some of my latent gifts, I have something exceptional to bring to those who are ready.

I now enjoy my work with a broad range of clients from the corporate world through to primary school children. I maintain an active family and community life in Leicestershire.

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