Review of the Fourthguides Weekend

What a fantastic weekend

Last weekend was our second event and a great result for all who attended. Some of the benefits including stronger connections, potential collaborations, growth / stepping into and overcoming discomfort, leaving the event inspired, re-energised and re-focused.

Not bad…

Although the destination of our work is the regenerative society, the way there seems to be “leading from the unknown” – a theme that recurred over the weekend. This means recognising that we don’t know what the future may hold so our best bet is to do what we know to be RIGHT. The alternative is doing what may seem more safe or sensible, but we know would lead to at least a loss of integrity. This approach requires courage.

Last weekend a group of brave folks ventured into the unknown together to discover who we need to be to create a better future for our society and how individuals and businesses may play a role. Perspectives were challenged.We started off the weekend by asking some really simple questions… such as…

How far can we take personal responsibility?
Why is diversity important?
How can leaders lead when the future is uncertain?
How can individuals collaborate without losing sovereignty?
What does a good society look like?
What place does pleasure have in the world?
How can individuals be more radical in how they engage with society?
What makes a system regenerative?

Whilst we didn’t dive directly into these questions as much as we could have and may still (next time) they and others seemed to pervade the weekend’s explorations.

So what actually happened?

Too much to say, but the program on Saturday daytime kicked off with Kylie Stedman helping us to identify our blind-spots using the Enneagram among other frameworks. Richard Abbot followed helping us to consider the implications of the existence of forces beyond human control. Kat Marlow dove into the Human Givens approach to emotional and mental health with its application to a more needs-based societySimon Kershaw followed her with a look at whether groups (such as this) are actually a force for good or not… Kevin Latham rounded off day one with a journey into the present, drawing on his studies of mysticism and story.

Saturday evening saw James Roper helping us learn to move more freely with a natural movement and dance workshop, followed by Lenny McCoy showcasing his ska and jazz saxophone.

On Sunday morning we challenged our discomfort of being in the unknown by sitting in nature. This was followed by a Chi Gung session led by James Roper. Ian Altosaar took the first talk slot of Sunday by providing his insights into how Astrology can be used to identify our target marketCharlie Mitchell then showed us her QUESTINGS model for leading effectively within our own lives. Rounding off day two Anna-Marie Swan led a discussion around how emerging management models would remunerate their staff.

I’d also like to thank Katrina Gant and Teri Clayton for their work largely behind the scenes that contributed greatly to the space that was created over the weekend.

Lenny McCoy said:“I have lost count of the number of ‘initiatives’ ‘groups’ ‘sessions’ ‘seminars’ etc that have purported to be for my benefit but have actually been a means to sell me something or ram a concept down my neck. This approach allows us the space to choose, contribute and in some cases alter the direction of travel.”

Charlie Mitchell said:“Such a wonderful weekend! Nourishing, nurturing, great fun, wonderful connections with incredible people… so inspiring! Thank you to everyone!”

Over the weekend my own appreciation of not knowing what’s best developed further as I increasingly relaxed my facilitation role and allowed things to play out as they needed to, more or less unhindered. That said, I learned that next time even more space could be created for the unknown by providing longer spaces between sessions. A lot was crammed into a short space, so more time for integration would have been useful for all of us.

I am provisionally setting the next event for 8-9th February 2020 and look forward to providing you with updates around that as they become available. Watch this space:

I am now opening the doors to more contributors. For the events, but also for the network more broadly. You can find more information about that here:

If it’s something you’re interested in, get in touch. You can book a quick call with me here:

Until next time, I hope you are all well and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
David Schofield
David Schofield
David Schofield
David is an inspired coach, consultant, facilitator and visionary leader who has been committed to forging his own path since his earliest days.

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