We Don’t Know How to Help You – But We Will


Whilst planning our February 2020 Fourthguides event, we hit a road block when considering how it would truly help people to live a more fulfilling, purpose driven life. Our first thought was ‘we don’t know how to do this’ and so we set out to discover how.

Here at Fourthguides we are only interested in figuring out how to support people with grounding into their own source of self-knowledge, so that they can improve their lives PERMANENTLY and truly, without relying on anyone else’s guidance or upliftment. We understand that no talk, practice, workshop or teaching is, in itself, going to help anyone to live a more fulfilling life. The only way to discover patience, for example, is through having an experience in which patience is required and, crucially, chosen . The only way you can experience the colour yellow, is to encounter the colour yellow, no-one can help you understand these things truly.

Our event has been set up to catalyse you stepping onto the path of initiation into the unknown, because the only way to find greater fulfillment is to discover who you are and what you are for.

The only way to live life is to live it!

The key to self- initiation is to master the current life lessons. We’re not talking about lessons at school or some spiritual lesson we’ve fallen for a self -told story about, I’m talking about real life. What is life currently asking you to call forth within yourself, so you may expand, discover and become deeper, more authentic, more uniquely you? How is life calling you to become self  REAL-ised?

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when they realise that they are alone, not alone in the usual sense, but truly alone. Everyone must face their own self by themselves; there can be no other way. We must at some point face the realisation that we will have to be brave enough to step forward alone and discover who we are and NO-ONE escapes this. This is the hero or heroines journey of initiation into the unknown, to discover what we do not yet know about our own self.  It is reclaiming our power to discover life as it really is, to unravel who we truly are and to gift to the world something that is entirely unique to our own self. It is living our OWN real life, shedding illusions, masks and beliefs and stepping fully into our own true self, stepping into full self KNOW-ledge.

We trust that our event will support you to recognize how life is calling you and you will step out of the doors at the end of the weekend onto your own journey of deeper self-discovery, towards a more fulfilling life.

Find out more and book your place at ‘Initiation through the unknown’ here: http://bit.ly/2Tfnc06

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