‘Initiation through the unknown’ What’s our event all about?

We chose this theme for our event because we have observed that when people do not experience initiation in its various forms, they do not mature into adults capable of living their own lives. We are increasingly living in a world full of adults who still behave like children, creating chaos and destruction everywhere they go. Initiation is a necessary rite of passage, where a person matures sufficiently to contribute to the learning of what it is to be human.

Our world, in its fear driven journey towards unbalanced levels of safety, control, order and conformity, is reducing the opportunities for initiation. This allows people to bypass reality and the necessary challenges they must face leading instead to illusory stories and unfulfilling comforts.

There is instead another way if we allow it, which is to face our life as it is and permit the life waiting on our doorstep to initiate us. For this to happen, we first need to admit that we don’t know. We don’t know what step to take next, we don’t know if that job is a good move for us, we don’t know that vegan food is good for the planet…..we don’t know enough to be as ignorant as we are.

When we commit to living life as it is and we truly admit that we don’t know the way forward, then real life can happen. This is where initiation through the unknown takes place, because when we admit that we don’t know and are willing to face life, we can truly enter the unknown, access our real potential and replace belief with true knowledge.

At Fourthguides we focus on wisdom and it’s practical application in the world. We are interested in inspired action and are fed up with the level of overthinking, talking and procrastination that is taking place amongst those striving to be the change they wish to see.

Our event is practically orientated, our speakers are living what it takes to grow into our own source of wisdom and our practices and discussions are all geared towards kick starting action and developing greater self-knowledge.

The thing is, initiation is not some new-fangled spiritual idea or some distant goal that is beyond us, it is available to us all in every choice. Life itself, when lived, is initiation itself, we just have to see it. With that in mind we support people to really get the most juice out of their everyday lives. It really is possible to treat each day as an initiation, each day is the chance to expand, grow and to learn more about who we are. Our everyday choices offer us the opportunity to shrink or expand, to be fearful or courageous; to do what we know is right, or wrong. It is our intention that after attending the event, attendees will understand the significance of seemingly small choices and how much power they truly hold to self-initiate and call in a higher and wiser version that can truly lead the way to a fulfilling life.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the event and supporting you in whichever way we know how.

Book tickets to event here: bit.ly/4Gfebruary2020
David Schofield
David Schofield
David is an inspired coach, consultant, facilitator and visionary leader who has been committed to forging his own path since his earliest days.

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