Contributors to the unfolding of the Fourthguides vision


Fourthguides is not a registered business, nor does it have a team. It has a vision for the future of humanity and is here to guide humanity toward that vision. The people below have shown an interest in supporting this, which at the moment we are framing as "the regenerative society". Each person is asking important questions and leading in the way that they see fit. Meet them below.

Glyn Bottrell

Regenerative Leadership

Self-management, leading from the unknown, embodied learning
How do we lead from the emerging future?

Simon Kershaw

Community & Collaboration

Interpersonal dynamics, high performing teams, co-operation & collaboration
How do we collaborate without losing sovereignty?

Charlie Mitchell

Social & Environmental Impact

Values alignment, feminine leadership, social & environmental impact
How can we be more radical?

David Schofield

Self-responsibility & Purpose

Personal responsibility, vision & purpose, self-mastery
How far can we take personal responsibility?

Kylie Stedman

Regenerative Systems Design

Human emergence, systems thinking & design, complexity
What do regenerative systems look like?

Gayatri Beegan

Human Connection & Being

Connection, touch, pleasure intimacy, sexuality
How do we retain and reclaim our humanity?

Lenny McCoy

Education & Empowerment

Engineering, strategic management, education, empowerment
What does good look like?

Teri Clayton

Land & Body Health

Bio-diversity, gut health, soil health, well-being, pharmacy
How do we create maximum diversity?