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Fourthguides exists to inspire the creation of the regenerative society – one that is focused on the creation of as diverse a range of life - and human activities that facilitate that life - as possible. We recognise that the degeneration that has been going on for generations stems from the moment-by-moment choices of each individual. That a prevalence of degenerative choices creates degenerative individuals, which leads to the creation of degenerative communities, from which emerges the largely degenerative systems of our society. We now need to flip things on their head and start choosing regeneration. That starts with you.

Why we need the regenerative society

Time seems to be short on some pressing issues that require systemic change to address them

How will we get there

Some say that Artifical Intelligence will save us, however we have no idea what the implications of large scale AI control over the world will be. There have certainly been many attempts in the realms of fiction to imagine AI dominated futures. What is certain is that we run a large risk of losing greater control over our lives, as we continue to seek easy options, quick fixes and deny the fact that we are limited and through embracing that limitation is the potential to experience life fully. So what's the alternative?

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