How to be part of and co-create thriving community

With David Stone

As part of the Citizens of a Regenerative Society series, this interactive talk will explore potential ways of co-forming a thriving community.

In today’s society many personal and business relationships remain at a superficial level, so when we are required to come into deeper community, we do not necessarily have the tools, experience or know-how to make it work for both ourselves and others. Many well meaning attempts often break down and fall into conflict or become stagnant and get locked into old conditioned patriarchal patterns. The demands of being in community can become burdensome and people can become disillusioned and withdraw back into isolation or more superficial and conventional ways of connecting.

Yet for humanity to evolve and thrive we must find ways to move forwards together in intelligent community.

David will explore community at a cellular, quantum and human levels in order to demonstrate the mechanics of how thriving communities form and share how his experiences with hardship, rejection and illness enabled him to enhance his other relationships as well as his own personal effectiveness.

David will share how overcoming internal and interpersonal conflict are intimately connected to accessing your personal power.

David Stone has a background in marketing, networking, psychotherapy and soul healing. David became a European marketing manager of a Nasdaq software house at the age of 25 but a series of mental and physical illnesses over the next 15 years dramatically changed the trajectory of his life.

David retrained as a group gestalt psychotherapist and soul healer whilst freelancing as a marketeer for PLCs, government business community projects and charities. He was retained by the School of Social Entrepreneurs for 10 years creating courses to assist start-ups to get money coming in without compromising their principles (

David specialises in assisting you to bridge your inner relationship to Source with practical ways of doing business and showing up in community so that you can tap into your authenticity and power and not only serve but be served by community.

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