Glyn Bottrell

I have a varied background covering a wide range of organisations and sectors, for profit, not for profit and government, in 10 or so countries. Much of my time has been spent in management leadership, operations, project management and change management in the worlds of education and diplomacy. More recently I got involved in charity leadership and have become more focussed on various aspects of personal and organisation development. I’m not particularly keen on boxes or labels, much preferring to develop and emphasise how I am rather than what I do.

While I have an appropriate CV of conventional education and training, my greatest learning has come from the ill health I have experienced as a result of the unhealthy and broken systems I have lived and worked in. As a result, my growing sense of purpose is around enabling systems (from the individual all the way up) to become healthier, in whatever way makes sense for that particular system. I believe the most effective way to do this is to focus on the spaces between elements of the system, the connections and relationships, using conversation to strengthen those connections. Enabling more of what is possible through collective wisdom and action. I have also become particularly interested in the past year or so in embodied work as a foundation for everything I do, and I am very drawn to all things complex, systemic, holistic, uncertain, unknown - in other words life.

I never know which part of me and my experience will be useful in a particular situation. I simply enter with the intention of being of service and trusting that what is needed and what is possible will emerge. So I look forward to seeing what emerges from our connection.