Kylie Stedman

Answering questions about what I do and trying to put a label on myself has never been easy for me, so I will be forever indebted to Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin for providing one: Neo-Generalist. I’m constitutionally incapable of specialising in just one topic. There are however a few domains which seem to consistently draw my attention: psychology, social systems design, ecology, ethics, governance, stories and thriveability. Much of the juice of life for me comes out of playing with ideas and exploring the liminal spaces in between what we think we “know", mining our common assumptions for bugs and insights, and sensing the patterns in complexity so we can learn to dance in harmony with natural systems rather than work against them.

My current purpose projects are Praxorium, an open online community platform for discussing wicked problems and working together to redesign our social systems, and a proposal to create a “Global Commons Trust”, new largely automated opt-in global stewardship system to help us keep our global economic activities within safe and sustainable ecological boundaries, whilst providing foundations for basic income and security for all.

My formal educational background is mostly in psychology, with a smattering of subjects in law, engineering, IT, commerce, philosophy and political science. Less formally, I’ve delved into general systems theory, several personality models such as the Enneagram, Big 5, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC, and more recently, Spiral Dynamics Integral, the Commons, organisational change and ecology. I’ve worked across private, public and not-for-profit sectors, as employee, contractor, consultant and business owner. For the past decade, most of my work was in business/systems analysis, project management and business transformation.