Lenny McCoy

An Internationally respected transformational business strategist who combines an aviation systems engineering analytical approach with strategic business management skills which have transformed the Education and Industry sectors.

He has demonstrated consistent high quality delivery and a proven track record in the management of strategic concepts, organisational transformation, change management, human factors and technical design of information systems. The combination of the skills of an Aircraft Engineer and an Information Systems Architect and the ability to deliver both Project Management and Systems Engineering Consultancy specialist technical advice are his key differentiators.

McCoy is applying his skills to the education sector to transform the lives of young children. He has co-developed a Technology tuition company called Simply Great Media which is delivered by industry experts and addresses how young people and adults are affected and disaffected by the education system, digital world and workplace. The service offers education, preparation and guidance in navigating the social and emotional impact of the online world. The service aims to prime students with educational outcomes in the employability skills that the digital world seeks.