Simon Kershaw

I’ve spent many years in both public- and private- sector corporate worlds – an engineer by background although the majority of my time was spent leading major aerospace infrastructure and/or business change programmes. My major frustration during all of that time was seeing how much time effort and hence value is lost through destructive arguments about blame attribution, rather than people pulling together to create and implement solutions. This led to me introduce a “different” way of running complex programmes and complex supply chains based on common objectives, mutual success and structures which incentivised all participants to pull together collaboratively to ensure the success of the overall enterprise – finding solutions for complex/wicked problems - rather than encouraging or permitting one or more to protect their own position whilst doing things which would be likely to harm the success of the overall enterprise. I have a couple of case studies where this was particularly effective.

For the past few years, I’ve been working for myself, with the intention of offering my wealth of hard earned experience to others. This encompasses a range of topics from data security to leadership coaching. However the theme I really want to pursue is promoting the the vision of. and techniques for introducing, collaborative working and minimising the waste of resource from all the non value added activity which still cripples most enterprises across many sectors. For this group I also bring experience of working with and engaging with influencers in both public and private sectors, as well as a theme of initiation of the youth into more productive ways of working.