Teri Clayton

Since being deeply moved by - and in tune with - nature as a child, Teri took up the task of finding cures for incurable diseases. This commitment took her to become a pharmacist, quickly taking on the biggest store in the company.

Several years later, upon the birth of her twins, Teri's work and life took a more intense twist. As one of her children required great medical intervention, Teri learned what it would take to heal him. In the process, encountering the many troubles with Western healthcare systems along the way. Teri's search took her to understanding gut health - knowledge which she used to heal her son.

Soon after, Teri's varied understanding of health and healing followed the trail to the root - the health of the soil. Civilisations are built and lost on the health of their soil and we are living in a time of great peril for our society as land health degrades and bio-diversity is lost. Teri's commitment now is to restore as much diversity to the soil as possible, which will enable the restoration of gut - and as a result overall - health and well being. This enables individuals to become more capable of having a meaningful contribution to the world.