Take Better Care of Yourself

The modern world demands a lot from us, our to do lists have now been categorized in priority order and we barely manage to get the items at the top of the list complete, (never mind the ones towards the bottom!).
Taking time out for self care¬† is quite often a ‘bottom of the list’ item, categorised in the ‘would be nice to do’ section that no-one gets around to. This is not good news for the quality of our lives and it signifies an imbalance that needs to be addressed at the root.
During this event we will be guiding participants through the ultimate self care plan, so that they can leave the event ready and able to take better care of themselves.
With life enhancing guidance, support, company and food you will leave the event re-charged, re-invigorated, inspired and uplifted with a plan that you can use to make your life better day by day.

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