Please watch the video on this page and prepare answers for the following questions, which we'll review in our upcoming call.

1. What was your biggest take-away form the video?

2. What is the big shift you'd like to take place in your life, right now?

3. What is the biggest thing holding you back from making that shift?

Dear friend,

I'm passionately driven to support people like yourself to live more fulfilled, successful and significant lives.

I've been supporting people to step up to greater things since I was a child - always one of those kids that people came to for advice. Since then I've been a coach, mentor, manager and leader in industry, in community and in family. I live and breath this stuff!

Here are the No.1 problems that are impacting most people right now:

  • Working all the hours under the Sun, but feeling like there must be more to life
  • Managing to find balance between work, family and maintaining health
  • Making enough time for pursuits that lift the soul and make life worthwhile
  • Being fully engaged with their work and proud of the contribution they are making through it
  • Unsure what it's all about, why they do what they do and losing motivation to get up in the morning

The solution is simple... to identify a sense of Purpose and design your life so that you can live in accordance with it. As a result you will love your work, get paid appropriately for it, have time for your most important relationships, whilst still being able to take care of your health.

I have helped hundreds of people over the years, to find a way forward in life that is both inspiring and pragmatic.

During our upcoming call, I will be working with you to create a 12 month plan for your life. I am going to advise you on the next big steps to take, in order to move toward the goals you share with me.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a sales call. It is a free call in which I will work with you to create that 12 month plan for your life, enabling you to move forward more skillfully.

Because of my 30 day money back guarantee, I only invite about 40% of people who I have this conversation with the consider becoming a client. I will only invite you to do so if I know that I can help you (I will not waste your time or your money if I can't).

So, fear not... my goal is to give you as much value as I possibly can, whether we end up working together or not.

To prepare yourself for this call please watch the video above and answers the questions.

I'm looking forward to catching up with you, I can't wait to help you to move forward toward a life of greater Purpose. Because if you don't fulfill your Purpose, no one else will.

David Schofield

Why am I doing this?

Because I'm damn good at it and that feels great! But also because I know that the more of us are living "on purpose" the better life gets for everyone. Like a jigzaw puzzle, every piece needs to be in the right place. Not scattered around the living room floor, getting lost under couches and whatnot... You doing your bit matters! Seriously matters!

I offer a variety of packages to suit different individuals, depending on their needs and circumstances. I offer the upcoming call as a way to find clients, but failing that, having an impact in the lives of as many people as possible. After our call, the shift you have will ripple out to your family, community and society. The butterfly effect! Beautiful stuff.

So many people in our society are lacking a sense of Purpose. It's a huge problem. Because with no sense of Purpose, comes lethargy, which leads to apathy, which leads to destructive habits for the individual and everyone around them. We NEED a sense of Purpose to ensure the world doesn't burn. That's no exaggeration.

I've been able to help hundreds of individuals just like you, to immediately apply simple and proven ideas, and go from struggling each week, to feeling passionate, connected and on Purpose. Sound good? You're damn right it does!

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