Fourthguides Weekend
Autumn 2019

Come and see how you can create the regenerative society

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2019

Fourthguides Weekend Autumn 2019

Join our leading edge personal development weekend this September when we will meet in the beautiful setting of Leicestershire's countryside to learn how to be the citizens of the Regenerative Society.

At this one of a kind event you will have the opportunity to speak with leading thinkers, connect with other change makers, get feedback about your work and refresh yourself. You will be challenged to learn and grow, developing your ideas around personal development, leadership and being the person you need to be.

We know of no other event like this and no other place where these highly pertinent conversations are being had. Whilst there will be a lot of discussion, participants will be encouraged to take away actionable outcomes to implement, that will further their personal and professional lives significantly.

Our first event was very well received and we expect this one to be even better, as we build this community of visionaries, action-takers and mature ourselves toward becoming the elders our society sorely needs.

We look forward to meeting you!

David Schofield

Fourthguides Founder

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2019

9am-5pm Lubenhan, Market Harborough, Leicestershire









Speak with leading thinkers

Some of the most important conversations of our time are being held here at Fourthguides. How do we deal with the various large scale crises we're facing? What kind of leadership is required of us? How do we organise ourselves effectively? What do we do if it's too late to turn things around? Some leading thinkers will be helping us to find answers that we can apply to our own lives and communities.

Connect with other change makers

Being someone who has the ability to see and feel the troubles of the world whilst being called to take affirmative action, can be a lonely and frustrating road. Having access to others who are applying themselves similarly can provide the practical and moral support needed to start working at a much greater capacity. This is a chance to discuss mutual challenges and see what solutions emerge.

Share your work and get feedback

At times it can seem that there's too much to do, the rate of change is unfathomable and resources are running out. This can make finding direction and gaining clarity a real struggle. Our community members are all focused on their unique piece of the puzzle that will move themselves and society forward. This is a great opportunity to benefit from their collective wisdom, helping you to take your next steps.

Get out of context and refresh yourself

There are few of us who can work consistently without a break. Stepping out of your normal environment both allows your mind and body time to refresh and allows you to gain greater perspective on your usual context, which will increase your effectiveness when you return. Baked into the weekend will be time to have fun, rest and re-energise.

Talks and Workshops

Two days of talks and workshops with leading thinkers, plus social activities.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 9am-5pm

Lubenhan, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Pictures from the event

What participants said

Kevin Latham

Awenydd Awake

I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation. Onwards and upwards from here! Thanks everyone.

Charlie Mitchell

Creating Space For You

Such a wonderful weekend! Nourishing, nurturing, great fun, wonderful connections with incredible people... so inspiring! Thank you to everyone!

Lenny McCoy

Simply Great Media

I have lost count of the number of ‘initiatives’ ‘groups’ ‘sessions’ ‘seminars’ etc that have purported to be for my benefit but have actually been a means to ram a concept down my neck or sell me something. This approach allows us the space to choose, contribute and in some cases alter the direction of travel.

Invitation to Apply

This event is the first of its kind. We are on the leading edge of personal development and leadership. No one else seems to be having these conversations.

It is extremely important to us that the right people attend. Those would be people with diverse views and ways of thinking, but who are mature enough to think for themselves and are willing to learn. They will be people who are currently working or working toward having an impact in society

We're not interested in having lots of people there and we are not looking to make loads of money. That said, due to the newness and uniqueness of the event, we have no idea what to charge for it. So you are invited to apply - filling in our survey which will be followed up on by a member of our team.

From the applications 15 people will be chosen to come along to ensure a diverse mix in the group. As we learn and grow ourselves, future events will have greater capacity.

Applications Closed