Fourthguides Weekend Autumn 2019 - Talks and Workshops

Anna-Marie Swan

Not just about the money: How does an organisation decide who gets paid what?

As a group, we'll explore the following questions: How can a group of people distribute earnings in a way that moves all of us into the kind of world we want to be a part of? What does just and fair look like here? Should remuneration be based on a person's experience, value, skills, or how hard they work? (How do we judge these? And how do we recognise someone’s ‘worth' anyway?) What role should/does trust play? And how do we make sure that it isn't the loudest people or the ones doing the most 'seen' work that get paid the most?

Anna-Marie is fascinated by next-stage organisation and believes that it is possible for organisations to be environments that deeply nurture us on every level, allowing us to be independent and self-managing while receiving the benefits of being part of a group vision and community space. She is especially fascinated by organisations as living entities, with needs and desires of its own; and that if we approach an organisation as being ‘alive’, it will be able to evolve intelligently, becoming the organisation that is needed at the time. In this context, human needs and the organisation’s needs are symbiotic: as we nurture our needs, the organisation is nurtured; and as we nurture the organisation, so our needs are met. In a time when we are in deep crisis on a global level, Anna-Marie believes these kinds of organisations are the key to approaching current complex issues, often called wicked problems, with fluidity, adaptability, and joy.