Fourthguides Weekend Autumn 2019 - Talks and Workshops

Ian Altosaar

Personal financial investment with a mystical twist

This talk is about how to find the people You are meant to serve on this planet. And how to discover what to do with the money You get from that service. How to invest Your money in the best possible way.

Seven years ago I woke from a deep sleep. Ever since then I've been searching for freedom within and outside of myself. And how to offer that freedom to others. This has led me to many things like men's work, investing, playing poker, spiritual work, astrology. I've now combined all of these experiences and offer the tools I've discovered on my path to others. To offer them more freedom in their experience on this planet earth. These topics include (but not limited to) money, purpose, creativity, spiritual path, clients, relationships, karma...

You can find out more about Ian's work here: