Fourthguides Weekend Autumn 2019 - Talks and Workshops

Kat Marlow

Emotional governance: creating a needs-orientated society

As Humans we have evolved the capacity for rational thought - surely the last thing we need is to be emotional when looking at societal governance? During this session Kat will introduce the Human Givens approach, the idea of innate emotional needs and resources and then invite us to explore to what extent those needs are considered in current society today, how we might seek ways to take a more emotion-orientated approach as business leaders and agents of change and the pros and cons of taking a needs based approach to societal organisation.

Kat is a qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist practitioner and experienced coach with a passion for helping people to achieve as much change as possible in the shortest reasonable time. Originally a process improvement expert in the automotive sector, she experienced a serious mental health crisis which led her to retrain as a therapist with the Human Givens Institute. Experienced in supporting people in emotional distress and with thoughts of suicide, and with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Kat now runs her own private practice working with individuals and organisations to help them achieve positive changes based on meeting emotional needs in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way.

For more information about Kat's work, visit: Positive Change Forever