Fourthguides Weekend Autumn 2019 - Talks and Workshops

Richard Abbot

The role of God in the regenerative society

One of my key realisations in recent years has been to see how human beings have far less control over events than they think they do. Time and again I see a ‘Higher Hand’ at work in many individual, familial, national and global happenings. But what is this force and what relevance does it have for our future and specifically for Elders?

Richard Abbot is a hermit. He acts as mentor and guide for individuals who wish to find a deeper sense of personal purpose. After many years of studying under his teacher, Arthur Norris, Richard inherited the leadership of The Hermitage Development Centre upon Arthur's death. He now speaks and writes about his observations of our society and the deeper significance of those observations.

You can find out more about Richard's work here: The Hermitage Development Centre.